Which Autumn/Winter Fashion Trend should I wear?

This is a follow-up to my last blog when I promised to share with you which of this season’s styles and trends would suit different body shapes.

1. Natural Texture

With tweed and chunky knits be careful not to wear on a “wide” part of your body eg tweed trousers if you are a pear shape, however a short chunky jumper would be great to balance out your hips. Conversely if you are busty avoid polo-necked jumpers and double-breasted, textured coats/jackets but if you have great legs try tweed or leather on your bottom half.

If you are petite and you fancy a serape or poncho make sure it’s not too long or has too bold a pattern.


2. Retro – 40s

Most people will be able to find something from this trend. There are pencil skirts and pussy-bow blouses everywhere, at all price points. Just avoid bias cut dresses if you have large thighs, as the fabric will cling!


3. 60s Minimalist

Again with this trend you might find a skirt, collar or accessory that would work for you.


4. Boyish Tailoring

This trend will definitely work best for slim, straight, boyish figures, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t pick elements to suit us. Trousers are slim and slightly cropped – these styles are designed to be worn with brogues or loafers. Therefore if you have longish legs and can find a pair of trousers that flatter your hips – go for it!


5. Spice Tones

If you have a warm skin tone – enjoy! However if you have a cool skin tone you should really avoid the spice tones completely and choose burgundy/grey instead. If you really want to add some “spice”, then look for a skirt, handbag, belt or pair of shoes. (We did this with my daughter’s school capsule wardrobe by adding a burnt orange skirt to be worn with black, navy and white).


6. Tunics over Trousers

A structured move on from tunics and leggings (which are still around). This trend will suit straight body types better than those of us with curves.


More on accessories next time…..


Fashion Trends to suit you!

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