In the second of my stylist stories – catching up with graduates of the Study in Style training courses – I speak to the amazing Daisy Schubert.

Daisy has taken the styling world by storm. She has created the unique Walk-in Wardrobe Workshops, as well as focussing on a defined niche – working with visible female entrepreneurs.

During our discussion Daisy admitted that being stylish didn’t come naturally to her. However, completing the training allowed her to find her own style identity.

“I used to play it safe in beige.”

Looking at Daisy now, beige would be the last word you word use to describe her!

Her interest in sustainability inspired her to set up the Walk-in Wardrobe. This is a clothes swap event with a difference! You must try on the clothes first – if a garment fits you and you like it, then it is yours!

During the call Daisy describes her style career to date. From working part-time around her administration job, building up her reputation and clients. She then took a leap of faith last year to go full-time into personal styling.

To find out more, listen to our call and find out how she made the move…..

To discover more about Daisy and her work head over to her website:

Stylist Stories – Daisy Schubert