Introducing the effervescent and fabulous Daisy Schubert, who is the brains and inspiration behind The Walk in Wardrobe Workshops.

Daisy Schubert

“Six months ago, I moved to yet another room in a shared flat when it dawned on me that others might experience the same problem I have – lack of STORAGE SPACE! In London, most young people live in shared, rented accommodation and move homes frequently. Usually that means living your life in a room the size of a shoebox. When I was looking at my clothes rail (yes not even a wardrobe!) I felt there must be a technique to downsizing and simplifying the wardrobe I have without sacrificing on style.

To achieve this successfully I enrolled on an intense Personal Stylist Course, run by the amazing Gail Morgan FFIP, who is one of the most experienced and highly qualified image consultants and trainers in the industry. Within a week, there was suddenly a method to the style madness out there, rules that could be followed and principles to be applied. I couldn’t believe that I was taught the secret code to simplifying ANYONE’S wardrobe, not just my own!

Daisy small#1I felt empowered to help women stand up to the fashion industry: by refusing to believe the one-size-fits-all fairy tale and to learn what criteria a garment has to meet to qualify for a coveted place in their wardrobe and by extension in their lives. I love seeing the reaction of my clients when they understand why the tag is still on a garment that they bought in panic – and their gratitude for never having to make the same mistake again! I make it a point to not just tell my clients what to wear, but rather teach them the principles for their uniquely gorgeous selves that will carry them confidently through the retail jungle.

My course with Gail taught me so much about the effect of clothes on the person that wears them that it made me curious to find out more about the effect of our clothes on the people who made them! After watching the documentary THE TRUE COST, I made it my mission to aid the slow down the fast fashion industry (new collections coming into the shops each week – because clothes are disposable, right?) by redistributing my client’s clothes that might have fallen out of favour since their consultation.

All the fun of a Walk in Wardrobe event!
All the fun of a Walk in Wardrobe event!

So the WALK IN WARDROBE event was born: a pop-up shop where guests take home as many clothes as they can carry – all they need is a ticket. The WiW is getting people sustainability conscious, because guests are extending the lifetime of a garment, rather than buying new all the time. The WALK IN WARDROBE has the potential to make a real difference and I hope we can expand the concept to more locations over the coming years. To find out more, please visit my website 

When women ask me at networking events what I do, my answer is this: “I help women simplify their wardrobes”. Yes, simplicity and sustainability are truly at the core of my business and I am grateful to Gail for teaching me the tools of the trade!

If you would like to attend or even host a WALK IN WARDROBE near you, please feel free to contact me through my website. We also appreciate good quality donations to add to the collection and to save them from landfill – please get it in touch and we can work something out!”

To find out more about Daisy please head over to her website:

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