Coronavirus precautions

I have been asked by a couple of consultants about the appropriate working practices and Coronavirus precautions, we could implement once we start working face to face with clients again.

Click the link below to read an informative update from the Government with all the nitty gritty details.

Government Article on Coronavirus Precautions

I personally feel that for colour analysis and make-up application we fall into the beauty therapist category. Therefore we can’t offer these services, until this sector reopens on 1st August. However, for style & wardrobe consultations I think that with the right PPE and maintaining social distancing guidelines we should be fine.

Some basic Coronavirus precautions to consider:

  • A risk assessment must be done
  • A visor would need to be worn during all client work
  • Maintain distance whenever possible. Side to side working rather than face to face where possible.
  • Minimise face to face time with clients
  • Be clear which clients can come (no-one in at risk categories) and what your new safety procedures are.
  • Limit sessions to one client at a time – so no group colour analysis
  • Clean, wash &/or disinfect all items used between each client. The cape and turban are easy but the drapes not so. If the drapes are left out – maybe hung outside for a day then that could be a solution. Many retailers are steaming any clothes that have been tried on, so that could be another option. However, I would still leave a minimum of 48 hours between colour analysis clients
  • No personal items, no magazines etc in client areas, nothing that they might touch and then have someone else touch. So be careful with showing them the colour chart &/or any brochures/magazines.
  • It seems to be that the overwhelming message is that if there is any way to avoid it being face to face, that it should be done in that way instead.

How it works in practice

I completed my first wardrobe consultation yesterday and I wore a visor and kept my distance. I spoke to the client via Zoom beforehand, asking her what she wanted to achieve etc. Therefore, she could organise her wardrobe beforehand, and our time together was focussed on sorting. I will call her next week to check how she is enjoying her new streamlined wardrobe!

Your safety and the client’s safety is paramount so think about all the risks and minimise these with hand washing and sanitising surfaces. Use disposable hair bands instead of the turban, and conduct as much of the consultation as possible online.

We also now have the online colour analysis option now available. So that you could offer your clients this service virtually.

Click here to find out more about the Online Colour Analysis Module

Coronavirus Precautions and Procedures