Coronavirus lock down

The Coronavirus lock down is undoubtedly going to affect the way that Image Consultants and Personal Stylists have traditionally worked and engaged with their clients. However, there are many things that we can be doing during this time that will stand us in good stead, both now and in the future. (This not include binge watching Netflix!)

Firstly, aim to stay positive – there will be days when this is challenging but use this time as an opportunity to get all your “ducks in a row”. It has never been easier to keep in contact with people, to connect with them virtually and to demonstrate your expertise.

Use the online technology that is freely available – the various social media platforms, Zoom & Skype etc. Let’s use these to our advantage to give value to our clients and remain visible during this time.

Developing your Style Business during the Coronavirus Lock down

1. Marketing – this is the perfect time to plan, create and refine your marketing

✔️Start/continue posting on your social media platform(s) of choice

✔️This is the perfect opportunity to learn a new social media platform and experiment with how it could work for you

✔️Set up a Facebook group for your clients and ask them to invite their friends to join. Within the group you can engage much more easily than through a Facebook page. You could do Facebook Live videos, share style tips, ask questions or run a challenge and get people involved.

✔️This could develop into a paid membership group – for a small monthly fee you would share more in-depth information.

✔️Create or renew your marketing plan – use the time to plot out your marketing for the next few months. I expect what you wrote in January has changed somewhat!

✔️Create a bank of content to be used in future blogs and posts. Create images in Canva and schedule your posts using platforms like: Hootsuite, Planoly or Facebook publishing tools.

2. Review – look at your systems

⭐Review your business plan. Again this will have changed and you could include ideas you glean from reading the rest of this blog! Where do you want to be in 3 years?

⭐Review your website – does it need some tweaking or updating? Are you going to be adding new services or including a lead magnet for visitors to sign up to your email list? Check the user experience and how easy it is to navigate around your site.

⭐Check out your competition – what services do they offer? What is their website like? Their social media content?

⭐Update your social media profiles and bios.

⭐Review your social media – spend time following new people and engaging in groups to see what works for you.

⭐Check your analytics so you know the best time to post and how engaging your content is.

⭐Get your accounts up to date – this is usually left until the last minute so be ahead of the curve this year! This might be necessary if you want/need to claim any money through the UK government Coronavirus self-employed scheme.

3. Pivot – could you offer something else?

✔️A new service?

✔️Collaborate with other businesses – plan a workshop for the autumn?

✔️Offer online consultations? There are ways to adapt you skills so that you can run colour analysis, style, wardrobe & shopping consultations virtually. I am running some training sessions on how to do this during April. Click the button for more details.

Online Consultation Training Modules

✔️Offer online mini courses. These can be created and delivered using free apps and programmes so it doesn’t have to be complicated. Courses could include a video series hosted on YouTube, daily emails in their in-box or content in a private Facebook group.

✔️Sell other products – so long as the products are in alignment with your message. There are many Multi-level marketing options to choose from. There are clothes, skincare, make-up and health brands that could be a good partner to your business. For example Cabi, Nu Skin, doTerra, Isagenix or Protandim. I know representatives of most MLM brands, so if you need an introduction please contact me.

4. Improve your skills – do some additional training

⭐Learn how to consult virtually.

⭐Increase your online skills. Whether that is using Zoom, an email marketing system or getting to grips with video there is lots to discover.

⭐Join Accelerate – the Study in Style graduate membership group for learning opportunities and support. Call me for more details.

5. Declutter – the ideal time to tidy!

✔️Tidy, clean and declutter your office

✔️Declutter your in-box – need I say more?!

✔️Review your handouts, business cards and flyers

Also during the Coronavirus Lock down…..

Stay connected – Use Zoom, Skype or Facebook to stay in touch with your clients. If you do nothing else whilst the Coronavirus lock down is in place, you CAN still be marketing yourself by giving value and sharing great content. You can also join any online networking or meet ups – this will help you to keep in touch.

Develop a daily routine that includes some self care, exercise and relaxation. The next few weeks will be challenging especially if you are juggling business planning with home schooling.

And finally please don’t slash you prices or give everything away for free – money is an energy and we don’t want to stop that flow. By all means offer small discounts or increase the value of what you offer. People will still be having Birthdays and there will be a return to a new normal after this has all finished so continue to offer gift vouchers that people can redeem at a later date.

If you want any help or advice I am happy to help – please book a complimentary call with me through my online diary.

Keep healthy, stay well and remain positive – take this as an opportunity to get organised, stay healthy and learn more.

Coronavirus Lock Down – Some Business Ideas