Understanding Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis forms the basis of what we do as image consultants and is often our Unique Selling Point. Colour can make a huge difference to how we feel – if we wear a colour near our face that actually complements our natural colouring (our skintone, hair and eye colour) we look healthier and often younger.

colour analysis Colour analysis is the simple and highly effective process of finding a selection of flattering colours to suit a client. These colours can then be used to help guide your client when they are buying clothes, accessories and make-up. As part of the analysis we provide a “swatch” (a credit card sized wallet containing a range of suitable colours) that the client can then use to organise their clothes and take shopping with them in the future.


The Colour Analysis Module can be studied on its own or as part of the Image Professional Course. Because colour is so important we also offer The Essential Colour Analysis Module – a condensed colour analysis training option which can be studied on its own or as part of the Personal Stylist Course.

During both training modules you learn how to conduct a colour analysis session – what to say, how to stand, what to wear, as well as receiving all the equipment you would need in order to conduct a consultation. The Colour Analysis¬† Modules can both be studied either Face to Face in the “classroom” or via Distance Learning at home.

Why study Colour Analysis?

Discovering the colours that work for you really is a life-changing experience that will have long lasting effects. Colour also forms the backbone of any other style or image consultation. For example, if a client finds a jacket that fits her perfectly the next question will always be “which colour should I buy?” If the colour makes her look tired and ill it is unlikely that the jacket will get much wear. Also, if you are helping a client to buy a capsule wardrobe it is much easier to base this around a few key co-ordinating colours rather than a rainbow of different tones.

Add Colour Analysis Training to your existing skills

You can just study one of the Colour Modules as a starting point for your image career or to add an extra dimension to your existing business in say hairdressing, personal training, coaching, retail or beauty therapy.

If you would like to discover how you could become a successful Colour Consultant, please click here for all the details.


Colour Analysis Training