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career changeWith post-holiday blues and the kids going back to school (or flying the nest) September is often the month that we get itchy feet or become disillusioned with our current job and start to think about a career change and other options…..

It could be that you want to move from your current 9 -5 corporate job and work in a more creative or inspiring industry. I have trained people who have moved from careers in, for example, finance, engineering, teaching, travel, local government and human resources, to start their style businesses.

It could be that changes in your family life mean that you now have the time and space to pursue a different career – perhaps something flexible to fit around caring for your children or elderly relatives?

Whatever your current situation and whether you are thinking about a style career or a different change of direction, there are a number of steps that I believe you need to consider:

3 Steps to a successful career change


1   If you are stepping off the corporate ladder – have you saved enough money to cover your living expenses (plus any training costs) for the next few months? The amount you will need to have saved will obviously depend on what you are intending to do. Will you need to fund a period of time whilst you are re-training, especially if you are going to study full time at university of college?

Alternatively can you train part-time whilst you are still working in your current job? This will be harder work in the short term, but less strain on the bank balance!

Many of my trainees continue to work in their current jobs whilst studying at the weekends or in the evenings. They then build their styling businesses whilst gradually reducing their hours in their existing jobs.

Some people have left their jobs (or been made redundant) so they train fast and hit the ground running. It really depends on your personality and situation as to which option would suit you best.

2   If your career change involves setting up your own business – I would advise doing plenty of research beforehand to discover who and where your clients would be. There are many local business enterprise groups that can help you with this, offering workshops and support. In-depth business marketing advice is included in all the Study in Style Training Courses to help you start and grow your business.

3   If you are ready to change, talk to a career coach who will look at your strengths and interests and then guide you towards careers you might never have considered. Also talk to people who already do the job that you are interested in. Find out what is involved day to day and the opportunities that are available. Can you shadow someone for a day?

So whether you are desperate to change your 9 – 5 or looking for something new and flexible as your family life changes, do some research, ask questions and save some cash to help you through the transition.

If you would like to find out more about a style career and how that might work for you; book a no obligation call with me to chat through your ideas.

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