planning successDid you think over Christmas that 2015 was going to be the year that you got yourself focused and organised? Here we are nudging towards the end of January and you haven’t spent the time you might have liked on your planning and goals? You still have time, do NOT put it off for another year!

There are times that you have to be proactive not reactive. As small business owners it’s imperative that we have some structure and planning; that we established goals and celebrate high five moments for our businesses.

It will keep you focused and if the right planning is in place, support the growth of your business!

It isn’t good enough to set goals and then let those goals drift, you can change course and make business decisions based on feedback but you have to make yourself accountable too. That is sometimes not easy when you are having to wear sooo many hats.

So I have a plan, it’s not a new one …

  • thinking womanYou need to reflect (not for too long) on what worked in 2014 and what didn’t work, pick out the bits that you (yes that’s you who is running a successful business) simply enjoyed &/or that brought growth.
  • You need to write down your goals for 2015, what would you like to achieve and what are you going to have to do to achieve it?
  • You need to set deadlines.
  • Shape the year ahead looking at key events this will and be realistic – not every month will be the same – whether it’s because you know you are going on a two week holiday or you are planning an event!

For instance as Image Consultants we know that shopping with existing clients to maintain their wardrobe will naturally occur during March and September. Make sure that you are reaching and scheduling in those events, and then filling around those months. Events such as St Valentines, Mothering Sunday, Easter and Christmas can all create structure for offers to reach new clients.

  • Share your plans with someone whether that is with family or friends it doesn’t matter. How about putting together a group of people you know who can help you. Arrange to meet them once a month, once a quarter – it doesn’t matter. Brainstorm with them, be accountable to them, but most importantly share your successes. These mini mastermind groups are incredibly powerful and have helped me to really create focus in my business.
  • Sharing your plans will allow a level of accountability – and this could be the secret of your success in 2015.

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Enjoy and get planning!!



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