business planningIt’s that time of year again with the Christmas and New Year holidays approaching rapidly.

If you can find some time in between all the festivities, parties and nativity plays, this is also the perfect time to plan for 2016, so that you can hit the ground running in January.

But before you leap ahead, take time to reflect on what has happened in 2015 –

What worked well?

What needs to change?

What could you do more of?

What would you ditch?

When business planning ask yourself…

  • What do I want to achieve in 2016?
  • What would make a difference to my life &/or business?
  • Will this be the year I finally start my style training?
  • Will this be the year that I ditch the 9-5 and work in the image industry?
  • Do I have a certain income goal or number of clients that I want to achieve?
  • Do I want to travel more or have more time to relax with friends and family?

If you have a business or life goal it is always best to write it down or tell someone, because until you do that it is still just a dream!

Once you know your goal you then need to work out how you can get there:

  • What steps do you need to take?
  • What help will you need?
  • What more do you need to learn?

A goal on its own can often look overwhelming but it becomes more realistic and achievable if you break down the tasks into bite-sized chunks.

Another useful tip that I have utilised for the last few years is to choose a word to represent how you would like to work and live in the upcoming year.
question marksIn the past I have used the following words, “focus”, “simplicity”, “structure” and “growth”.

What will your word of 2016 be?
To find your word – brainstorm some ideas, write down words or phrases that resonate with you or express where you want to go and what you want to do next year. And then gradually filter down your choices to just one word. Print out this word and stick it on your wall or have it as your screen saver to give you inspiration.

Need some Help??

I discuss planning in much more detail as part of my new Business Marketing and Planning Programme, which is launching in January. The programme is the result of all my learning over the past 24 years on how to run a successful image business. It follows a useful step by step process to help you to market your business and find the perfect clients for you.

The programme will be included in the cost of both the Image Professional and Personal Stylist Courses but if you want to plan your business beforehand or you want to add some marketing skills to your existing business this programme can help you.
The programme will cost £200 but until January 8th it is on offer at just £97!

Click here for more details or call me to discuss how the programme could help you.

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Business Planning 2016