books for image consultantsI love a good book and I am often asked – “which are the best books for image consultants?” So I have scoured my bookshelves, and in no particular order, here are my recommendations!

Ten Books for Image Consultants

There are lots and lots of style books on the market so to some extent your choice will depend on your ideal client and what is relevant for them but these are the books that I have used the most with links to where you can buy them:


  • The Instyle books – especially The Secrets of Style. There are lots of titles that have been produced by this organisation and even though they are a few years old the pictures don’t look that dated! The advice remains the same whatever the latest trends so good books to dip in and out of. Link to Amazon


  • The Triumph of Individual Style – by Carla Mathis & Helen Villa Connor. An oldie but a classic – not cheap but if you can borrow it from a library or buy second hand it is definitely worth a read. Link to Amazon


  •  Being Truly You – by Angela Marshall – again quite old now, but this book provides an in-depth look at ten style personality types to help you when working with your clients. Link to Amazon


  • Make up Manual – by Bobbi Brown – this is the original make up bible written by this makeup guru but any of her subsequent books are a good reference as well. Link to Amazon


  • The Definitive Book of Body Language – by Allan & Barbara Pease. The title says it all really! As image consultants we work with our client’s external image and this then impacts their body language so a basic knowledge of how this works is vital especially if you intend to work in the corporate market. Link to Amazon


  • Any book by Brenda Kinsel – if you want to focus on wardrobe management then you can’t beat Brenda’s words of wisdom. Again the books are a little dated now but the advice holds true. And for more upto date advice and information I would highly recommend signing up for her newsletter – Tips & Teasers


  • You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You – by Jennifer Baumgartner. An interesting read looking at the psychology behind the reasons we buy the clothes that we buy…..  Link to Amazon


  • How to get dressed – by Alison Freer. A fascinating look at how a costume designer makes clothes fit, plus lots of practical advice on clothing care, fit and adding your