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If you are considering how you could become a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant then here are a few ideas…..

You have probably read about the stylists to the stars and thought “I could do that”. You love fashion and clothes and people always compliment you on what you wear. However, there is a lot more to it ….!

Top tips to help you become a Personal Stylist

Yes an interest in clothes and fashion is definitely a bonus! But when you are working with real clients, the majority of them aren’t particularly interested in being a fashionista. They just don’t want to look dated. So keeping an eye on the new season’s clothes is important, but there is no need to slavishly follow every trend.

Training is vital.

Now I know you would expect me to say that as I run a Personal Styling Training Company! However, to be a successful Personal Stylist you need to be able to quickly understand the shapes, styles and colours of clothes that would flatter your client.

Before completing their training, many of my trainees were happy to find clothes for themselves &/or their friends. But following their training they are now able to understand why a garment may or may not work for their client. You may have a natural flair but knowing that the hem is the wrong length or the pattern is too big comes with knowledge.

You also need empathy and to be a good listener. Discussing clothes and working in people’s wardrobes is an honour. We have to respect our client’s confidences, gain their trust, listen to their concerns and be able to offer workable solutions.

The majority of Personal Stylists work for themselves. So you will need to get to grips with the skills of running your own business. Finding clients and marketing yourself will be absolutely key to your success. Therefore, we include a business marketing module in the three style courses that we run. This module helps you get started and covers: online and off-line marketing, finding your niche, as well as practical finance tips.

How to get started

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How to Become a Personal Stylist