Personal Shopping is an amazing job and if you would like to become a Personal Shopper here are the key attributes I believe you need to become successful.

The 3 elements to become a Personal Shopper


1) Training

You may think that to become a Personal Shopper is easy – you love shopping; your friends ask you to help them; you seem to have a knack of finding interesting items – so why not get paid to do it!

BUT…. As you might expect me to say – there is a lot more to it….

A skilled Personal Shopper has an understanding and appreciation of the colours, style, fabrics, patterns and brands that suit different people and their bodies, personalities and budgets. Plus they are able to shop quickly and effectively, because the majority of their clients will not like or enjoy shopping, so they want the whole experience to be over as soon as possible!

With training you will understand why certain garments are not going to be right for your client. So you will either not put them through the trauma of trying on something unsuitable or quickly realise what would be better.

This inner confidence allows you to “shrink the sales floor” for your client so that you only focus on the clothes with potential.


become a personal shopper2) Research

As part of your training to become a Personal Shopper, you will research different brands, shops, styles and shopping centres. (This also forms an essential part of your ongoing personal shopping career)

You need to be aware of fashion trends, but the majority of clients want to look up to date and stylish rather than a complete fashionista!

A great Personal Shopper needs to know which brands have generous sizing (or not!); the colour palette they tend to favour; their price range and the types of garments that they provide. For example there is a difference between the clothing styles offered by Jigsaw compared with H&M or between Hobbs and Fat Face.

You may also have to research online if you are looking for larger / smaller / taller sizes or a special occasion outfit.

Research is a continuous part of your role as a Personal Shopper because the clothes available will change constantly.


become a personal shopper 3) Stamina

If you are shopping with a client in store or in a shopping mall, don’t underestimate how tiring it can be! You may be on your feet for 2 – 4 hours, carrying garments and walking around.

Ensure you are well rested, well fed and hydrated before, during and after a personal shopping session. And ensure your client knows this as well!

I love taking my clients shopping and with my background in retail plus my experience working as a Consultant Fashion Advisor for John Lewis I can offer in-depth and relevant training in all aspects of personal shopping.

Training to help you become a Personal Shopper is included in all the Study in Style Training Courses – click on the links below to find out more.

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