balanceSo are you wondering  how it’s suddenly December? All the signs were there but we didn’t acknowledge them, or perhaps life is just too busy?

I have friends who buy their Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the January sales – I never seem to be that organised but one thing is true, as I aim to complete my goals for 2014, that this period is all about balance and how to achieve it.

When you run and own your own business there is nobody to remind you to take time out – to look after the most important person (not your clients this time) but YOU.

I would suggest that you focus very clearly on when you plan to work in the coming weeks and manage your expectations and the expectations of everyone else (especially family members).

How to Achieve some Balance

USE your electronic diary? Set up reminders so you don’t forget things? If you don’t have an electronic diary that’s fine, but just write down some of the things you need to do and take them out of your head.

  1. Set yourself a goal each day this week – just something that has been bugging you and DO IT.
  2. Clear out your handbag and find the receipts that you know you will need.
  3. Can you really be at two places at once? Review your diary now and make the changes so you don’t let anyone down, least of all yourself.

Don’t listen to the noise of what others are doing, enjoy taking control of elements of your life, find some balance and feel your posture improve as you check things off.

Also, use this month as a review – it’s a really busy time but take the opportunity to reflect – is life the way you want it to be, do you need to make some changes for next year? – Write your answers down we’ll review them next month– this is about you getting the right work / life balance for you and your business in 2015.

Let me know how you get on!