You may ask why I’ve set up this blogsite and why I’ve been writing about the DVDs and the new training venture? Because it’s been a challenging, fun and very intrusive part of my life for the last six months? Because I want my clients and friends to know I listened to them? Or is it because I’m proud to be firmly in the 21st century with the ability to blog, carry out online marketing and share articles, fashion tips and up to date training information?

Whatever the reason – if you are reading this you have found the Study in Style website – so welcome! This new website has been designed to provide support and industry specific information to those of you who are interested in starting training or those who wish to supplement your existing qualifications. It’s flexible, responsive and specifically designed to help me stay close to my current trainees and to those of you wanting to take the first step into image consultancy.

The next job is to tidy up my existing website and shape it for my image consultancy and personal shopping clients.

What do you think of the new Study in Style website? Let me know – I look forward to your comments.

Adventures in Cyberspace