Are you a life coach, an executive coach, a personal trainer, a hairdresser, a beauty therapist, a photographer, a boutique owner, a trainer or an alternative therapist????


If so, then you could add image skills to your business, as this would add value to what you already do AND attract new clients!!

image skillsMany of the people who train with me already have a successful business in one of these related industries but want to increase their knowledge so that they can further help their clients, as well offering a profitable side line to their businesses!

One of the reasons I love teaching about the power of image is discovering how each of my trainees is going to use the information that they learn – everyone is different and will have a different reason for training and often a different group of potential clients that they want to help.


Here are just a few examples of how some of the consultants that I have trained in the last couple of months are using their new found colour analysis and image skills:


Nicki has transformed an old stock room above her ladies boutique in East Sussex into a consultation room – so that she can conduct colour and style analysis sessions and guide customers to the right colours and styles for them. She is also planning to run regular workshops and fashion shows using clothes from the boutique to increase her customer base.

Maureen has combined her Image Professional training with becoming a life coach and she is going to utilise these skills to help stressed “women of a certain age” feel more confident in their work, their life and their wardrobe.

Lorraine and Natasha are both hairdressers (based in different parts of the UK) – their image skills will enable them to offer different services to their existing customers and help them attract new clients.

Kate is going to include her image skill within her portrait photography business so that she can be sure that her clients are wearing the most flattering style and colours in their photographs.

Our training courses are flexible: you can train at home around your existing clients; blend your learning with a mixture of  home study and classroom based training; or study with me face to face over weekends or in short training blocks.

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