business mastermind

After many requests from image consultants for some extra support to help build and grow their businesses, we launched the Accelerate Business Mastermind and Mentoring Group in December 2019.

Gail is your coach and trainer in the sessions – this is what she says about the programme:

I love learning and over the last 30 years I have invested in a variety of training and coaching programmes to help develop and improve my business skills and services. From these experiences I have discovered what works (and what doesn’t!)

We all know that having fabulous colour and styling skills is only part of running your own business – we need to find clients as well!

  • I have seen too many consultants and stylists pay over the odds for websites that aren’t converting.
  • Buy services or “get rich quick” schemes that they don’t need.
  • Waste time, energy and money marketing in the wrong places or on the wrong social media platforms.

So I wanted to create a safe space where you can receive guidance, advice, coaching and mentoring to ensure that you focus on the right strategies for you, your business and your clients.

As an Accelerate Business Mastermind Member, every month you would have access to:

  • A training session on a business related topic – for example: Social media planning, website critiques, networking, finding your ideal client, becoming more visible.
  • 2 x group coaching/mentoring sessions to include hot seats and discussion topics.
  • A private Facebook group for additional accountability and support.
  • Plus you would be able to join the amazing 90 day planning session 3 times a year.
  • AND you would also receive discounts on any in person events or new training modules that we run.

The cost for all this is just £26 per month.

This price is locked in for as long as you want to be a member. There is no minimum time to stay in the programme, so you can leave at any point if you feel it isn’t right for you.

We have a vibrant group of members who learn from one another as well as through the new training modules each month. We have supported each other throughout the Covid19 situation, as we looked for solutions and opportunities to serve our clients in the best way.

If you are interested in finding out more, call or email the office to speak with Gail or click the button below to gain access to the vault of existing training material.